Generating a command

To generate a new command, it is similar to how you initially made your project however instead of selecting "new", select "generate". To generate a new command follow the steps below:

Note: You can type cdgen gen command to skip steps 1 to 3.

  1. Type cdgen in console

  2. Select generate

  3. Select Command

  4. Answer the following questions:

    1. What is this commands name? (E.g. ping)

    2. What category is this command in? (E.g. Misc)

It's as easy as that, you'll now have a new command generated! If the category that you specified does not have a folder then CDGen will create a folder under your commands directory with the category name and place the command file in there.

Note: CDGen will not add all command parameters when creating the command, it is recommended that you look through the guide for your handler (CDCommands or CDHandler)